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Want to liven up your event and make it truly special, with an original way to entertain your guests?
We can help!

Our formulas draw on the allure of wine and the curiosity it arouses, creating empathy and engagement.

With the help of our sommeliers, you can sharpen your senses and deepen your guests’ knowledge of wine, involving them in an entertaining experience: Business meetings, Conventions and congresses, Customer events, Company parties, Inaugurations, Product launches and much more.

Tasting events

Multi-sensory wine experiences touch the emotional sphere, making them particularly engaging. With ease and naturalness, participants discover and test their innermost resources and personal skills.

    themed, horizontal, vertical, blind, masterclass
    dinners with wine producers, rare wine dinners, cellar dinners, tasting sessions, vineyard picnics
Milano Wine Affair - degustazioni


Looking for a host who can give your event a fun twist? Want to expand your guests' knowledge of wine through quizzes and games? Fascinated by the idea of a show that presents wine from a completely different angle?

Wine entertainment can be staged in all these ways.

Our experts guarantee the right solution for every occasion.

Virtual events

Making a virtue out of necessity: this happened in 2020 with our digital and hybrid events, which now have a permanent place in corporate planning.

Rather than replacing in-person events, they stand alongside them, bringing added value for businesses, and enabling savings in time and money by safely crossing geographical barriers.

To turn a virtual event into a 'real experience', it’s equally as important to pinpoint your objective (creating fun, joyful moments, rewarding participants, networking)and choose the format, duration, degree of interaction between participants and the specific occasion.

  • Live-streaming cellar tours
  • Wine-Quizzes via a virtual platform
  • Virtual tastings
  • Masterclasses

To ensure a "real" joint tasting experience, we send all our participants a wine sampling kit.

Who we target

Milano Wine Affair targets the B2B world, reaching out to companies from all sectors (agencies, associations, business clubs, conference organisers), wineries (consortiums, trade fairs, Horeca) and tour operators (MICE). We offer a huge range of customised services and events, unique and exciting experiences for wine lovers and professionals.

Let's wine together!